Wednesday, June 16, 2021

My Farewell To Millie - (My Dear Friend)

My Farewell to Millie By William Wyllie My Beautiful friend. I love you to no end. You Made me smile. For you I'd walk a mile. We had many good times. For you I'd give you my last dime. Breakfast where we first met. Became close friends, you are the best. I'd spot you from far away. With your fiery red hair. For you I do care. Good Times between us,it was great. Sometimes one of us would be a little late. My dear friend, My love to you I send. You were honest and Open,not afraid to speak your mind. A special friend, till the end of time. I'm happy that I found you, if only for a little while. When we were together, you always made me smile. We always had fun at the Senior center cafe. I treasure these moments,I just have to say. With Richard,or Jennifer or Loud Mouth Wayne. We laughed and we sang, tho you were in pain. But your pain is gone now, In heaven you now reside. But my love for you won't stop, my love I won't hide. My heart is broken, Just a few more words will be spoken. Thanks for these memories, I'll treasure through all time. These moments are so special. And They are All Mine.

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