Saturday, August 14, 2021

My Love, My Only One

By William Wyllie...... My Feelings Won't Stop,My Feeling Won't Go. It's You My darling, that I want To know. On a sunny Day or dark of night. It's only you that shines the light. You shine that light,to show me the way. Oh my sweet darling, together we'll pray. I pray for the day when We get together. It will be a special day,Our love is forever. If it rains I'll stand in the rain and hold you tight. Because my sweet darling,you make me feel alright. You bring the sun, when you appear. I need you close and oh so near. From my heart these words flow out. Because my darling,My love I will shout. Your always welcome in my world. It's you that makes my hair curl. Your my Love, My Only One. Our Love will touch the Sun. So Happy that I am and will be. A New life for everyone to see.

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