Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Twinkle In My Eye by Bill Wyllie

              The thought of making love to you.
       Make me climb the Walls.
              I'll be beside you whenever you call.
       Let me sprinkle cinnamon all over your body.
              I'll lick it off slowly then I'll be naughty.
       Such a beautiful lady, I am sure blessed.
              I can't wait to get you all undressed.
       The woman I want the Woman I need.
              Let's get together and do the dirty deed.
       I'll love you today, I'll love you forever.
              You're in my heart, you can pull my lever.
      Oh baby, Oh baby you must be mine.
               We'll be together for the rest of time.
      We'll be together as we greet the morning sun.
                We'll be together when the day is done.
     When night time falls,our love will be strong.
                 Because to be beside you is were I belong.
     I say goodnight my darling, but is is never goodbye.
       Because our love is so strong, you put the twinkle in my eye.

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