Tuesday, February 21, 2023

A Kiss in the Wind by Bill Wyllie

            My heart is filled with your love.
                   You are this angel from heaven above.
           A wonderful warm feeling,that sometimes burns so high.
                   Together we may even touch the sky.
          God has blessed me darling with you.
                    My love for you it is so true.
          Though you are so far away.
                    It is with you I need to stay.
           A life with you by my side.
                    My love for you I will never hide.
           The passion that burns so deep inside.
                    My darling my arms are open wide.
           These words I must express.
                    Life with you will be the best.
           As Tom Petty use to sing,
                 "The Waiting is the hardest part".
          Let's get together, you are a work of art.
                 My words of love will just go on and on.
          Please love me till the break of dawn.
                 Even after the dawn does rise.
          My darling my love will never die.
                 A kiss in the wind I do throw.
          Together our love it will just grow.


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