Tuesday, February 21, 2023

All the Gold in this Universe by Bill Wyllie

 All the gold in this universe
                                                            by William Wyllie...

              I found my heaven right here on earth.
                    You are worth all the gold in this universe.
              But that would not equal what I feel for you.
                    Because my love for you is so true.
             The touch of your hand I long to feel.
                    Show me your love for me is real.
             I read your letters,your words of joy.
                    I know for sure that you are not coy.
            You speak your mind, that is what I like.
                    Your feelings flow out, please hold me tight.
            Your beauty shows in every way.
                    So does your love I have to say.
            Your beautiful words they touch me deep.
                   It is your love that I do seek.
           Like a beautiful flower, your love has no limits.
                   An hour with you, seems just like a minute.
          At one in the morning, I wrote these words.
                  My love for you will always be heard.
         We can make sweet love anytime of the day.
                  With you my darling, we will swing and sway.

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