Saturday, April 20, 2024

My Forever Lady by William Wyllie

My Forever Lady

        I feel so happy bright as the stars in the night sky.
             I feel so good I think I could fly.
        This beautiful lady that loves me so much.
             I want to feel her tender touch.
         I need this lady from so far away.
            I feel her love through the night and day.
        My forever lady that is what she has become.
           She'll give me love when the day is done.
        I want to hold this lady in my arms so tight.
           If I was a bird I would take flight.
       I express my love as I look her in the eyes.
           My love for her won't be a surprise.
       You are my lady I am your man.
            Together we will be together we stand.
       A warm day and my beautiful lady.
             Fills me with joy and I don't mean maybe.

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