Wednesday, September 7, 2022

I Want You by William Wyllie

I Want You By William Wyllie..... I want you in the night time,I want you in the daylight. I want you every moment, the time is always right. I want you over here,I want you Over there. I want you anytime,I sit and I'll just stare. The beauty that I see,the beauty that you are. The beauty that I want,Is good enough for me. Our Love grows strong,My passion will not stop. Though it's night time where you are. Together Our World will rock. If the sun shines bright,we will laugh and we will play. If it rains or we have a downpour. Our Love will show theWay. So Let us get started, and start this romance right. Because when we get together. The fireworks will light up the night.

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