Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A Hard Days Night by William Wyllie.....

A Hard Days Night, by William Wyllie..... I Feel So Happy, we got together. I will hold you tight and make you feel better. You are on my mind all day long. You are like hearing my favorite song. Must be a BEATLES song,that is fact. "Can't Buy Me Love" or "You Can't Do That". Or how about "The Long and Winding Road" or even "Maybe I'm Amazed". I know for a fact, in my life you will stay. Beautiful lady you are so devine. We will be together till the end of time. You keep me on pins and needles. You are number one,I love you more then The Beatles. We will sing and dance, you are such a treat. You are so beautiful, you can not be beat. I think of you every minute. You are my world and I want you in it. I will write you a poem, I will sing you a song. But oh my darling with you I belong. If I am yours then "Let It Be". The pleasure is mine for you to see. You bring the light in the darkest night. So I will say goodbye it's been "A Hard Days Night"

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