Wednesday, March 8, 2023

My Heart's Desire by Bill Wyllie

 Heart's Desire
                                          by William

          My Heart's desire.
               You set my world on fire.
         It's you that I want, it's you that I need.
               To you my darling, my heart has brought me to thee.
        I  feel this love, it's you I must touch.
               I love you so much.
        We found each other from so far away.
               I hope someday together we'll stay.
        We will lean on each other, we grow so close.
               I lift my glass and to you I toast.
         I don't drink beer, I don't Drink wine.
               But with you my darling, I spend the rest of my time.
         I'm hopelessly in love, there is no doubt.
               With you my darling I'll scream and shout.
         I found a woman to share my world.
               And she is such a beautiful girl.
         My heart's desire.
               My world is on fire.
         You bring my joy.
                I'm a happy boy.
         With you I'll stay.
                I will never go away.

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