Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Our Love Will Grow Like the Flowers by Bill Wyllie

Our Love will Grow Like the Flowers
                                               By Bill Wyllie

              It's You that I want to hold.
                   Love you with all my heart and soul.
              My Love for you is so strong.
                   With you is where I belong.
              Your love is what I need.
                   You have opened my eyes to see.
              You are my sun when I rise in the morning.
                    You are my moon in the dark of night.
              Together our love will grow like the flowers.
                    Together out Life will by out of sight.
              You and I will walk in the sunshine.
                    You and I will walk in the rain.
              Together our love will be so beautiful.
                    I will love you my darling, we will have no pain.
              God has blessed me,together we will be.
                    I will love you my darling,I will shout to the world.
              I want you here close beside Me.
                    I will tell you everyday, that you are my girl.
              I will kiss you goodnight, but it will never be goodbye.
                    Because when We are Together, the time will just fly.

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