Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Love Won't Fade Away

Love Won't Fade Away
                                                         by Bill Wyllie

         I feel this passion it drives me crazy.
                 My feelings are strong, My thoughts get hazy.
         It's you I need my beautiful lady.
                 I need you right now and I don't mean maybe.
        As the day begins my thoughts are of you.
                 I need you now my love is so true.
        We talk to each other it has been over three years.
                 Your sweet loving words I want to hear.
        Tell me you love me with you I belong.
                  Our Love will last, and just grows strong.
         You are my sun in the morning sky.
                  I feel sweet love and I don't ask why.
         I just know I need you, as the days grow long.
                  Soon it will be spring, I will sing my song.
         My song of love, I sing it loud.
                  You make me happy, I feel so proud.
         I feel this love it will never stop.
                   Until we climb to the mountain top.
        As I rise from my bed to greet the day.
                   My Love for youjust won't fade away.

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