Wednesday, March 8, 2023

I Declare My Love by Bill Wyllie

   I declare My Love
                                                        William Wyllie

             A Live chat with you I just did finish.
                 But my love for you will never diminish.
            as we chat online, you do excite.
                 These feelings inside sour to heights.
            These warm feelings they last so long.
                  I hope these feelings will never be gone.
           we declare our love to each other.
                  Because I know there will be no other.
          Oh my love it's you that I desire.
                  My feelings inside burn like fire.
           I asked my love if she read my poem.
                  From you my darling I will never roam.
           She printed my poem out it sits on her desk.
                 I know our love will just be the best.
          These feelings of love, they make me happy.
                 After I recover from my cold, that made me feel crappy.
          My darling, my darling you must be mine.
                 Now and forever and all time.
          I go to bed with this happy, happy feeling.
                 But deep inside me,my heart is a reeling.

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