Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Together We Stand by Bill Wyllie

Together we Stand
                                                   by William Wyllie

          My love will go on it will not stop.
                 Until we both climb to that mountain top.
          The beauty I see, the beauty you are.
                 I know together we will go far.
          I feel sweet love way deep inside.
                 I will tell you my passion,that I will not hide.
          I lay in my bed before I sleep.
                 I want you beside me, your love I seek.
          I'll cook you spaghetti, that is my wish.
                 But oh my darling you are my favorite dish.
          We will go for a walk, together we'll hold hands.
                 I know together that we will stand.
           I will stand in the rain and get soaking wet.
                 Just to be close beside you,You'll be glad we met.
           When we chat with each other, my fire burns high.
                 I look at your beauty and understand why.
            I pray for the day, that we get together.
                 I'll meet you in sunshine and stormy weather.
            Goodnight my sweet darling,together we'll be.
                 I'll show you my world, for you to see.

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