Sunday, March 10, 2024

A Life So Sweet by William Wyllie

 A Life So Sweet
                                           By William Wyllie

      As the last day of January comes to an end.
               It is with you that I want to spend.
      Let me Love you now and Love you for the rest of my life.
              Because with you, everything will be alright.
      I'm alright when I see you, I feel sad when you're around.
              But when you are next to me,happy I will be found.
      I can't believe that you love me,
        but darling I sure know that it is true.
             I feel sweet love inside.Because I love You.
      So happy we will be.
            It's heaven here on earth.
      My love you will see.
           Groudhog day has come and gone.
      Soon spring will return.
           My love it is you that I Yearn.
     A Life that will be so sweet.
          When we share our love together.
     It will be a life that is complete.

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