Sunday, March 10, 2024

Thoughts of You by William Wyllie

Thoughts of You
                                           by William Wyllie

          As I Rise in the Morning.
               My Thoughts are of You.
         Because my darling I Love You.
               I check my messages,
         Hope I get letter from my sweet lady.
               I am overjoyed to get one from my hot baby.
         She even sent me photos,that makes me feel better.
               I hope and pray somebody we get together.
         Such a beautiful lady you do inspire.
               You set my soul and heart on fire.
         I feel the love that I feel So Deep.
                It is so strong sometimes I weep.
         But I have to be strong,
                With you I belong.
         As our monthly radio show begins
               We read our stories.
         I read my poems I have no worries.
               I put my feelings out for everyone to hear.
         I hope they inspire as it goes into their ears.
               I say good day as the day begins.
        Because with you by my side I will always win.

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