Sunday, March 31, 2024

Words of Love by William Wyllie

 Words of Love
                                     William Wyllie

          You are my love.
              The one I was meant to be close.
          Oh my darling it is you I love the most.
              Come share my love.
          Together we'll make a happy life.
              And I know in the future,
          you will be my wife.
              Wife I used to be afraid of that word.
          But no more, it would be an honor
          to share my love, with you and be heard.
              These words fly around in my head.
         I put them together my words will be said.
               We talk a short chat, express our love so deep.
         You make me feel so happy, that I cry and wheep.
          They say I am a poet,but my words are only for you.
              Because my sweet darling my love is so true.
         Without your love I am lost, just a shadow of myself.
              No money or gold in this world would equal the wealth.
         But with you heaven I have found.
              I want you close and always around.
         It's almost mid day as I write these words of love.
              I know in my heart that you are my heaven above.




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